Physio Go Clinic Resumes Its Services!

Our team is pleased to announce that Physio Go Clinic is resuming its services to help you with any need for physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage therapy and more!

Precautions for Everyone's Safety

Your safety is critical to us, especially after this unprecedented period of time associated with COVID-19. In order to provide you with safe services and treatments, our clinic and therapists follow the rigorous safety and hygiene measures put in place by our government, professional orders, committees and associations. The return to the clinic is also gradual to ensure everyone's safety.

COVID Precautions:

1. All clients will be asked specific questions about their health status upon entry.

2. Hand sanitizer is mandatory and must be applied upon entry into the clinic.

3. The team at Physio Go Clinic will wear masks and/or visors, gowns or jackets in the presence of clients to prevent the spread of the virus.

4. Mandatory hand washing between clients and the clinic will be cleaned more frequently.

5. Clients must bring their non-disposable masks to the clinic.

We continue to offer our tele-rehabilitation services, including consultations via Web applications: Skype, Zoom, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question about services, precautions or to make an appointment!

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