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A Holistic Approach to Health with our Acupuncture Services in Montreal

In Montreal, Ville-Émard, Verdun and Lasalle, Physio Go clinic offers acupuncture services, a branch of Chinese medicine, to naturally improve your health. Over 2500 years, this treatment has played an essential role in helping and relieving many current conditions.

Acupuncture is a recognized approach to treating many conditions, such as acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders and non-musculoskeletal conditions. Acupuncture helps with stress and anxiety, sleep, vision and hearing disorders, menstrual and female health problems (pregnancy, fertility and others), circulatory and digestive disorders, depression, allergies, drug addiction, headaches and many others health conditions.

Our experienced acupuncturists at the Physio Go clinic use different techniques to stimulate your chi, your body's vital energy. By doing this, the energy circulates better, allowing your body to regain its natural balance. Your well-being and quality of life will, therefore, be improved.

If you have a problem or a health condition that acupuncture can treat, don't wait any longer and consult one of our acupuncture professionals at Physio Go clinic.

Want Relief from Chronic Disorders?

Let our acupuncturists help you regain your well-being following a thorough evaluation of your condition.

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