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Osteopathic Therapy Services in Montreal, Rosemont & Ville-Émard (Métro Monk)

Manual and Global Approach Therapy

Osteopathy is a therapy that aims to restore the functionality of all structures and systems of the human body. The Physio Go clinic uses osteopathic treatment in Montreal to optimize the body's natural self-healing capacity.

Our osteopath assesses your entire body to find the source of your pain or complaint. Surprisingly, this source could sometimes be far away from the area of pain, this is what is called a referred pain.

Accurate Manipulations

Through observation and specific testing. our osteopath could locate the points of tension that are often at the origin of your painful areas. These careful manipulations help relax and restore mobility to the affected areas.

Relief of Several Ailments

Osteopathy relieves many ailments and disorders, such as headaches, digestive disorders, joint, lumbar and back pain, loss of sleep, general fatigue, menstrual pain and more.

Meeting With Your Therapist

At your first meeting in our ostheopathic clinic in Ville-Émard (Monk Metro) or on rue Masson, your therapist will ask questions about your general health, your medical history and the reason for your consultation. He will then be able to target the problems to better orient treatment.

Osteopathy is for:



Seniors or elderly people


Pregnant women


*Many complications at birth can lead to the following disorders: flat heads, digestive discomfort, difficulty drinking, crying attacks and ear pain.

If you are experiencing any of the mentioned problems, don't wait call the Physio Go clinic for a consultation with our osteopath!

Victim of Regular Aches and Disorders?

Let our osteopath take care of you by making your first appointment in our physio clinic today.

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