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Functional Abilities Development Program (DCF) in Montreal

The Physio Go clinic in Montreal offers the second line or Functional Capacity Development (DCF) program. This specialised rehabilitation program is tailored for clients in Montreal who, for various reasons, have had difficulties or obstacles during their initial rehabilitation process and have not achieved their desired result. Due to their injuries, these individuals often have a problem performing certain daily activities, leisure activities, and even returning to work.

This program, which focuses on developing functional and work abilities, promotes a holistic approach. The interdisciplinary team is made up of health professionals who are specifically trained in rehabilitating chronic conditions. Our professional multidisciplinary team comprises an attending physician, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, physiotherapy technologists, a sports therapist and/or kinesiologist, and a psychologist.

Tele-rehabilitation treatments are also now offered at the Physio Go clinic.

Find out more about the second line or Functional Development Capacity (DCF) by contacting one of our certified team members. They will be happy to answer your questions.

Benefits of a Personalized Program

During the DCF or Functional Capacity Development Program, the individual may also benefit from other services offered outside the clinic, such as analysis and adaptation of a workstation, teaching of occupational postural hygiene, assessment of functional abilities in the workplace, evaluation of a worker's functional limitations, and planning of a supervised return-to-work plan. The program's main objective is to maximize the client's abilities and achieve a return to work that is safe and sustainable for the client.

Following the assessment of the person's functional abilities, an interdisciplinary program tailored to the client's  personal condition is carried out according to the client's specific objectives.

If you have had a chronic musculoskeletal problem, difficulty returning to work and think you could benefit from DCF or Functional Capacity Development Program, don't wait any longer, call the Physio Go clinic! Get a consultation with our interdisciplinary team, they will be able to help you.

Problems with Work Rehabilitation?

Contact Physio Go to discuss our second line or Functional Capacity Development (DCF) program.

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