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Naturopathic Treatments in Montreal, Rosemont & Centre-Sud

Naturopathy is a type of alternative medicine that aims to strengthen the body's natural self-healing mechanisms.The naturopathic treatments that we offer to our clients at the Physio Go clinics in Montreal on rue Masson and on rue Allard (Monk Metro) focus first and foremost on stimulating, nourishing and strengthening the body's defence mechanisms.

For these reasons, the naturopathic approach does not only address the symptoms or pathogens that affect your body, such as microbes or bacteria, but takes a holistic approach by looking at the different aspects that can affect your overall well-being. These aspects include your weight, sleep, stress levels, emotions and life habits.


The naturopath's examination focuses on the physical and psychological aspects of your body. By using natural and straightforward means, the naturopathic therapeutic approach uses treatment methods such as medicinal plants, massage therapy, stress management techniques and phytotherapy in order to improve your general health.

Tele-rehabilitation treatments are also now offered at the Physio Go clinic.

If you have a problem or condition that can be improved or resolved by using a naturopathic treatment approach, don't wait any longer, call the Physio Go clinic in Ville-Émard (Monk Metro) or on rue Masson, and consult our naturopath. Our naturopaths are  members of the Federation of Alternative Medicines.

Looking for a Natural Alternative Treatment?

Discover our naturopathic services for more information on alternative treatments.

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