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Psychological Consultations and Services in Montreal, Rosemont & Ville Émard

Psychologists study how people think, feel and behave, and apply their knowledge to help them understand, explain and change their behaviour. This is done with the objective of improving people's quality of life. If you are currently going through a difficult time and need help to overcome certain emotional obstacles you are experiencing, call the Physio Go clinic. Our psychologists in Montreal are here to help you. Using a confidential and neutral approach, our professional psychologists, with your collaboration, will help you discover and try to overcome these difficulties. They will provide you with solutions adapted to your specific case, with a view to improve and restore psychological and emotional well-being.


Tele-rehabilitation treatments are also now offered at the Physio Go clinic.

All psychologists at the Physio Go clinic are members of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec. We will be happy to book a consultation with one of our psychologists to help you with any situation or problem that concerns you.

Looking for a Competent Psychologist?

Talk to one of our psychologists today to book your first consultation.

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