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Massage therapy Services for a Wide Range of Treatments in Montreal, Rosemont & Ville-Émard

Massage is an ancestral therapy and is part of natural alternative medicine. Massage therapy is practiced throughout the world and includes several therapeutic application techniques, each with various health benefits. At Physio Go, we offer you massage therapy services in Montreal on rue Masson and on rue Allard (Monk Metro), a therapy that will bring many benefits to your body.

There are different types of massage therapy treatments. These include relaxation massage, which reduces stress and restores energy, therapeutic massage, which is often used to reduce muscle and joint pain, sports massage, which maximizes muscle potential and prevents future injuries, as well as massage for pregnant women. This last type of massage stimulates circulation and reduces the pain & discomfort that is related to pregnancy.

Massage therapy has many health benefits. Several conclusive studies have proven the importance of massage therapy on physical health as well as mental health. Massage therapy relaxes the body and improves, among other things, the balance of the central nervous system, blood circulation, sleep, tension headaches, body energy, stress management and general health.

Massage therapy is also an effective treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, muscle tension and spasms, joint stiffness and chronic pain.

If you have a problem or condition that can be treated with massage therapy treatments, don't wait any longer and consult a massage therapist at the Physio Go clinic in Ville-Émard, Lasalle, Verdun or Rosemont.

Suffering from lower back pain?

Let our massage therapists treat you with professionalism and efficiency.

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