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Acute and Chronic Back Pain

ack pain is one of the most common injuries and causes of absence from work due to disability related to physical activity. Back pain can be felt either as a mild feeling of discomfort or as a sharp pain sensation in the lower back. It can be acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term). Most people experience acute back pain, but some spinal injuries can cause chronic back pain.

Back pain can disrupt your daily routine and can even cause you to lose your independence, both at home and at work. Fortunately, back pain treatments at Physio Go clinic include manual therapy and exercises aimed at reducing your pain, preventing chronic back pain symptoms and reducing your downtime from work and your favourite activities. The severity of your injury will affect the nature of your back pain, whether it is acute or chronic. The more your back structures are damaged, the more likely you are to experience chronic pain. The Difference Between Acute and Chronic Back Pain Acute back pain:

  • Symptoms: feeling of discomfort.

  • Duration: a few days to a few weeks, not exceeding a duration of 3 months.

  • Source: results from a minor or moderate injury, or abnormal body movement that does not result in serious damage to structures in the back.

Chronic back pain:

  • Symptoms: constant, mild pain or intense, persistent pain with burning and/or tingling sensations.

  • Duration: more than 3 months.

  • Source: moderate to severe injuries related to sports, falls or traffic accidents. Tasks requiring identical repetitive movements can also lead to chronic low back pain due to cumulative wear and tear on spinal structures such as vertebrae, discs, muscles, ligaments, tendons or nerves in the back.

If you have acute or chronic back pain, Physio Go clinic can help! During our initial assessment, your physiotherapist will review your medical history. This will include a physical examination to understand your symptoms, assess your posture and target the source of your problem. With a personalized program, your physiotherapist will teach you how to stretch and strengthen your body, as well as improve your posture during your daily activities in order to optimize your recovery process. Your physiotherapist will help you to trust your body's resilience and reduce any tissue hypersensitivity. Call Physio Go clinic now! Subscribe to Our Newsletter!


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