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Athletic Therapy with Julian Amorelli at the Physio Go Clinic

What Is Athletic Therapy? Athletic therapy is a precise evaluation of the musculoskeletal system, which includes the muscles, the bones, the joints, the ligaments and the tendons. It also examines body posture and body movement, known as kinesiology. This discipline is intended to identify and manage body injuries as well as concussions. Athletic therapy uses manual techniques such as stretching, mobilizing and soft tissue release to improve body mobility and thus reduce body pain. These manual techniques use adhesive tape to reinforce, release or activate the affected muscles, tissues and joints. Athletic therapy is an active rehabilitation discipline using physical exercise to realign and reinforce the body.

Why Choose Athletic Therapy with Julian Amorelli? The body is made to move. Our certified athletic therapist Julian Amorelli individually meets everyone willing to improve his or her physical health, to start or to return to a healthy and active lifestyle. Julian offers precise treatments using specific, functional exercises according to your needs. His goal is to reactivate the muscles of your body so that you can regain complete body mobility without compromise and with less pain. Whatever your needs and goals may be, working with an athletic therapist like Julian Amorelli will help you get back in shape! Subscribe to Our Newsletter!


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