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How to Dress for Running in Winter

It is becoming more and more difficult to run outside with the winter coming to Montreal. In spite of the cold weather, you will once again embrace the sport you love with the right equipment, no matter the weather!

Choose the Right Clothes Avoid sweating in winter. Sweating on the skin causes shivering and once this process has started, it is difficult to stop. Stay away from heavy jackets and fabrics that don't breathe. Opt for a multi-layer approach instead of cotton! Professional tip: If you don't shiver a little when you leave the house, it means you're dressed too warmly. Layer Your Clothes For the upper body, wear thin fitted underwear or a base layer of synthetic or natural fiber, such as merino wool. The purpose of this layer is to wick perspiration away from the skin. The second layer can be a little thicker, like a sweater. This garment should be made of a breathable fabric, other than cotton or fleece. Remember: choose fabrics that wick away sweat rather than accumulate it. For the lower body, wear pants with a windproof membrane and made of insulating material. You can also wear a base layer under your pants if you get cold easily or if the weather is icy. The last layer is a windproof jacket. Avoid jackets that are too warm and heavy. The goal is to reduce the wind as it is a factor that accelerates the onset of hypothermia. You can find an assortment of jackets with very effective, breathable and lightweight windproof membranes on the market! Protect Your Head and Feet Body heat is mainly lost through the head and feet. It is preferable to cover your head with a thin, medium thickness, breathable cap or hat. You can also opt for a hat with windproof membranes. The face is another sensitive part of the body. Use a neck warmer and don't forget to cover your ears! Feet should not be forgotten. It is important that your shoes are not too tight to avoid cutting off your blood circulation and as well as the risk of frostbite. Merino wool socks are particularly effective because they retain heat and their insulating properties, even when wet. Wearing two layers of socks or waterproof and breathable socks is another excellent option. Have a good running session! Subscribe to Our Newsletter!


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