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Summer Sports Injuries

Summer is all about having fun and venturing outside with friends and family! Whether you enjoy cycling, swimming or running, summer is the perfect time to enjoy nature while practising your favourite sport. Summer activities are always fun, but the risk of injuries and falls remains. The good news is that our physiotherapists at Physio Go clinic can help you treat these injuries!

Bicycle accidents This activity can cause a lot of tension on different areas of your body. To prevent any type of injury, it is important that your shoes are well attached to the pedals to avoid persistent knee pain. If you are planning a long bike ride, it is likely that you will feel stress in your back and/or spine due to prolonged periods of time in the same position. If this is the case, give us a call! Running / Jogging Accidents A runner is most likely to suffer from the runner's knee. This pain occurs when the patella becomes misaligned. Foot fractures, ankle sprains, Achilles tendon inflammation and plantar fasciitis are also common. We encourage runners to wear good shoes, warm up appropriately and gradually increase their running speed. If you develop ankle, foot or knee pain that does not go away after a few days of rest, contact us! Water Sports Accidents Water sports can lead to serious injury if one is not careful. A wrong fall or movement can result in knee, ankle and back injuries. If you are injured or in pain after participating in water sports, ask your physiotherapist for help as soon as possible! For any pain after practicing your favorite summer sport, make an appointment with your physiotherapist at Physio Go clinic before your injury gets worse! Summer is already so short in Montreal and our team wants you to make the most of it! Subscribe to Our Newsletter!


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