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Take Advantage of Our Spring Promotions at Physio Go clinic!

Take advantage of our spring promotions at Physio Go clinic! At the Physio Go clinic, we offer several promotions to help you get back on track for the arrival of spring! Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Massage Therapy $15 discount on all our massages for a period of one year! Pay only $70 instead of $85 on all our massages. You have no obligation and nothing to pay in advance. It's a great way to take care of yourself at a lower cost! Naturopathy Special offer including 5 consultations and an evaluation at only $500. Nutritional advice, weight loss, detox cures and much more. Be in top shape this spring! Sports and Fitness Therapy Precise and specific exercise program that targets your injury. Benefit from individual follow-up and a technical and fitness program adapted to your needs. This offer also includes the training program.

  • $59.99 - 1 session of 60 minutes

  • $49.99 - 5 sessions of 60 minutes each

  • $39.99 - 10 sessions of 60 minutes each

*Sessions can be organized as per your preferences: 1/week, 2/week, 2/month, etc. Myofascial Treatment in Sports Therapy The fascia is a fibrous tissue with a gel-like texture that covers all muscles like a blanket. It is the constriction and compression of this tissue that makes you feel like your body is blocked or stuck. Myofascial treatment involves releasing these restrictions using gentle, sustained pressure.

  • $69.99 - 1 session of 60 minutes

  • $44.99 - 1 session of 35 minutes


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