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What Is Physical Therapy?

What Is Physical Therapy? The goal of physiotherapy is to allow you to recover to the maximum of your physical abilities so that you can carry out your daily activities according to your condition and recovery potential. Our physiotherapists will help you recover quickly to help you resume your lifestyle and favorite activities in your professional, social and personal life. Regardless of your age, physiotherapy can help you prevent, relieve and treat a variety of physical health problems according to your needs.

What Does Physical Therapy Treat? Our physiotherapists can help you treat back pain, sprains, dizziness, motor development problems, incontinence and more. This health discipline is involved in the treatment of physical disabilities that result from injuries and illnesses that may affect:

  • Muscles, joints and bones

  • The neurological system (brain, nerves, spinal cord)

  • The respiratory system (lungs)

  • The circular system (blood vessels)

  • The cardiac system (heart)

What Types of Treatments Does Physiotherapy Use? Our physiotherapists use several methods to treat you:

  • Manual techniques

  • Physical exercises

  • Mechanical therapy (mckenzie method)

  • Electrotherapy (ultrasound, ifc, tens, etc.)

  • Thermotherapy (hot and cold treatment)

At Physio Go clinic, we take the time to explain the treatments we offer. This will allow you to feel comfortable during treatment sessions and to actively participate in your rehabilitation and healing process. Call us now for a consultation! Subscribe to Our Newsletter!


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